Wm to H'ry, May 3, 1903. Age: 61

Still anticipating his address on the Emerson centenary, Wm continues with high praise:

"The reading of the divine Emerson, volume after volume, has done me a lot of good, and strange to say has thrown a strong practical light on my own path.  The incorruptible way in which he followed his own vocation, of seeing such truths as the Universal Soul vouchsafed to him from day to day and month to month, and reporting them in the right literary form, and thereafter kept his limits absolutely, refusing to be entangled with irrelevancies however urging and tempting, knowing both his strengths and its limits absolutely, and clinging unchangeable to the rural environment which he once and for all found to be most propitious, seems to me a moral lesson to all men who have any genius, however small, to foster."

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