H'ry to Wm, April 10, 1903. Age: 59

H'ry bites the bullet to preserve Lamb House:

"I have had to buy a large piece of the Garden next to my own from J.H. Gasson, the blatant tradesman & scourge of Rye, in order to protect myself from his power to build (at west end of mine) and overlook or otherwise annoy me.  It had been for sale, unbeknown to me, & he had pounced on it & purchased -- to threaten me, under the guise of offering it to me -- considerately -- at an of course excessive rate.  The danger poisoned my rest, & wd. have ruined my one view & all my little place, practically -- so that there was nothing to do but buy -- & save the situation."

Garden view of Lamb House

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